4 Year’s ago I STARTed ME UP


People always say it, but the older I get, the more true it becomes: Time goes by incredibly fast.

Four years ago today, I began Startmeup. It began as a result of my annual new years resolution making in which I select one word to be my focus for the entire year. For 2008 my word was START and my goal was to spend the year focusing on things/ideas/projects/friendships/good habits to start. I decided 2008 was going to be a year to create positive action-based resolutions, instead of compile a laundry list of vices to quit.

Four years later, I’ve learned that through starting positive initiatives in areas of your life often causes those other less desirable things to become obsolete as result. (Example: START running- you may just decide to quit smoking after a few weeks, START cooking more meals at home- may result in spending less money.) STARTMEUP has continued to be a place to collect, document, and note some of those positive things that inspire, motivate, and drive me. It has also shown me that it is possible to start something, and if you enjoy doing it, years can go by without even noticing that you are still working on it.