As the holiday season gets into full swing, I am once again finding it difficult not to feel pressured to go out and buy stuff….it’s what the holidays are about, right?! Thankfully last night I watched this video, The Story of Stuff, which helped cut through the holiday advertising assault and bring it all into perspective (each of us in the U.S. is targeted with more than 3,000 advertisements a day.)

This short video helps breakdown and explain exactly where the many things we use each day come from and makes it quite clear just how crazy and unsustainable it is that we keep buying more stuff we don’t need! 

"Over consumption impacts our mental and physical health. We have more stuff than ever before, but we’re also more stressed, less happy and working longer hours to pay for it all. We’re trashing the planet and overworking ourselves to buy stuff that is so toxic it contaminates our homes and bodies and, on top of everything, all this consuming isn’t even making us happy."

This year instead of continuing the cycle of consumerism that has hijacked our holidays, consider making friends and family homemade gifts, supporting a local artist or business or spend the time you would have spent out shopping for gifts- actually being together enjoying shared experiences. 

Together we can stop the cycle!

Happy Holidays!!