Of all the beautiful things I saw on my recent trip to Los Angeles, CA there was one primary thing that caught my eye as being very unique to the area: succulents. Being a girl who grew up in the mid-west, I was never exposed to such exotic looking plants and I was fascinated by them. I found myself frequently pulling the car over or exploring my way around the block just to look for the fat plants. Each one I saw had a distinct character; winding and wrapping up walls and often taking over the sidewalks. With each new patch I discovered it seemed as if there was a different variety and I found myself liking them all.

Now that I’ve returned to the east coast, the diversity of this family of plants has inspired my continued exploration. My goal is to bring a little L.A. back with me and attempt to start a succulent garden of my own here in Brooklyn. I’ll keep you posted on the results :).